VF50 Vent Filter

McBerns Vent Filters use our combined media filtration method incorporating our specially formulated media cartridges, activated carbon and natural minerals to adsorb, absorb and treat the noxious gases in sewerage networks.

Designed to be used in domestic situations on house toilet or septic vents and grease trap vents where odours are escaping.

Price (ex VAT):


Technical Details

AIRFLOW: Suitable for emission flows up to 1 L/s

DIMENSIONS: 55mmID X 125mmH X 85mmCAP

WEIGHT: 0.5kg


  • Inlet AV H2S conc ppm: <2
  • Inlet Max H2S conc ppm: 5
  • Inlet Airflow (l/s): 2
  • Outlet Pressure Loss Pa: N/A
  • Outlet H2S conc ppm:
  • Dimensions: 55mmDia x 125mmH x 85mm Cap
  • Weight (kg): 0.5
  • Media Frequency: N/A
  • Inspection Frequency: N/A

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