Smaller Vent Filters are designed for low to medium air flows where odours are a problem. All the Vent Filters are designed to operate passively, no need for power or water to operate effectively. Wind assisted fans are available if more extraction is necessary.

The McBerns Odour Filters are constructed of UV & chemical resistant PVC.

Commonly used on vent stacks, pump stations and surrounding buildings, air valves, receiving manholes, sewer lines, conduits, holding tanks and overflow tanks or confined spaces.

The filters sizes are 50 mm (not rechargeable), 100 mm (rechargeable), 150 mm (rechargeable) and 300 mm (rechargeable); they can be adapted to most pipe dimensions.

Image Description
VF50 Vent Filter
Price (ex VAT) £70
Image Description
VF100 Odour Filter
Price (ex VAT) £219
Image Description
VF150 Odour Vent Filter
Price (ex VAT) £347
Image Description
VF300 Odour Filter
Price (ex VAT) £1230

Odour Filter Solutions

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